Dr. Boyce Watkins Presents:

 How To Build and Scale Your Black Owned Business Without Breaking the Bank!
With Marye Dean, Esq. 
May 25, 2022 7:00PM EST
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Black Wealth Is Critical To Black Power!

Calling All Black Entrepreneurs


Black Wealth Bootcamp Featuring TheWallStretLawyer.com and her Black Wall Street LIFT Systems
When you started your business, did you begin with the end in  mind? Did you lay a solid foundation for that business to grow on? 
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Calling All Black Entrepreneurs

Do You Have Holes In The Foundation Of Your Black Owned Business? 


The Black Wealth Bootcamp Featuring TheWallStretLawyer.com and her Black Wall Street LIFT Systems
Starting A Business Is One Thing. Maintaining That Corporate Structure Overtime Is Another.
February 17, 2022 8:00PM EST
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Dr. Boyce Watkins Presents:

How To Build and Scale Your 
Black Owned Business Without 
Breaking the Bank!
With Marye Dean,n Esq.
May 25, 2022 7:00PM EST
Register today today because 
Black Wealth Is Critical To 
Black Power!
In this presentation designed specifically for black entrepreneurs, Marye Dean, Esq. (TheWallStreetLawyer.com) will share what it takes to start and/or grow your business on a solid LIFT (Legal, Insurance, Finance & Tax) foundation that supports and encourages you to step out into the world with confidence in your highest purpose.
At this presentation you and your team members will discover how:

The four cornerstones of proper business building--legal, insurance, finance,
and tax--Black Wall Street LIFT Systems, will set you up for financial success.

To avoid the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting a business.

Taking good care of your business is one of the best self-care practices there
is and supports you in your work as well as in your family life.

To take control over these aspects of your business so that you can show up
powerfully and offer your gift to the world with clarity and confidence.

Taking control over your business’ foundation can guide you into inspired action and propel you to the impact and success you want.

Marye Dean, Esq. will guide you to look at the areas of business that are often overlooked or ignored. She’ll gently shine a light on the areas of your businesses that need loving attention so that you have what you need to do what you came here to do. She’ll share her own story of transition from the south side of Houston, Texas to lawyer, to entrepreneur, to becoming TheWallStreetLawyer.com and learning to take control of her own LIFT Foundation Systems, all while maintaining her center as an activist and advocate in the black community. 
In Contrast To Your Average Corporate Lawyer, The Wall Street Lawyer Knows That Your Gift To The World Is Yours Alone To Give, And That Your History, Your Wisdom, And Your Life Lessons Are The Seed Of That Gift. She Will Help You Develop A Personal Entrepreneurial Plan That Will Give Your Gift The Best Opportunity To Take Root And Flourish.
Marye Dean, Esq.
Marye Dean, Esq. is an award-winning entrepreneur, attorney, artist and activist who occupied Wall Street at the height of the Occupy Wall Street Movement while simultaneously working as an attorney representing Goldman Sachs and other Fortune 500 companies during the recession. This contrast gave her a unique voice: Don’t Occupy Wall Street, Start A Business! Today she masquerades as a corporate Robin Hood using her years of experience representing Wall Street investors and serial entrepreneurs to inspire, educate and support young, black business owners who are looking to start or scale their businesses. The mastermind behind BlackWallStreet.com, her mission is economic equality through entrepreneurship. Her goal is to fulfill this mission by helping one million black business owners open their businesses sooner and grow them faster to keep them and their bank accounts IN THE BLACK!

Not your average lawyer, Marye Dean, Esq. is on a mission to uplift black entrepreneurs everywhere by any means necessary! 

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